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Recommended Reading

The Liberator

The Liberator
By Alex Kershaw

The story of Felix Sparks, one of America's most decorated combat infantry commanders, Sparks led soldiers of the 157th Infantry Regiment, 45th "Thunderbird" Division from the Invasion of Sicily through the end of the war in Europe. The book details his unit's 4 amphibious landings, brutal combat at Anzio and in the Vosges Mountains, and the liberation of Dachau, where Sparks' men were the first to reach the death camp, secured it and prevented reprisals against German POWs.

The Liberator was written with significant contributions from the Center For The Study Of War Experience's extensive interviews with Sparks. It is one of 2012's most acclaimed works of World War II history.

The Second Tour

The Second Tour
By Terry Rizzuti

A literary novel written in the Modernist tradition that explores the full range of the human condition, everything from the ultimate altruism (guys charging machine gun nests to save their buddies) to the ultimate evil ( guys killing innocents because they enjoy it). It’s a story about a two- or three-year-old Vietnamese girl whose murder haunts the narrator. And it’s a story about that narrator, a low-level Marine, about his descent into spiritual darkness and his life-long struggle to regain some semblance of a meaningful life.

Once Upon A Time In War

Once Upon A Time In War
The 99th Division In World War II

By Robert E. Humphrey

The story of the Battle Of The Bulge is often told from the perspective of the 101st Airborne Division, trapped in the city of Bastogne. Fewer accounts have been given about the 99th Infantry Division, undermanned and outgunned, which covered the northern flank of the Bastogne pocket against furious German assaults.

Robert E. Humphrey interviewed over 300 members of the 99th Division to bring more light to this underappreciated unit.

Escape From The Deep

Escape From The Deep:
The Epic Story Of A Legendary Submarine
And Her Courageous Crew

By Alex Kershaw

No American submarine in the Pacific could match the record of the USS Tang, which sank 13 enemy ships on one patrol alone. The Tang's last mission in August 1944 ended when one of its torpedoes boomeranged and sent the Tang to the bottom of the Formosa Strait. What followed was a dramatic attempt to escape the sunken sub, and captivity for the few who survived.

Among Alex Kershaw's primary sources were interviews with the late Clay Decker, a frequent Stories From Wartime presenter.

Remember Us Cover

Remember Us: From My Shtetl Through The Holocaust.
By Martin Small and Vic Shayne

Martin Small's intense personal story is brought to life in this book encompassing his upbringing in prewar Poland, the loss of his entire family in the Holocaust, surviving Mauthausen, and his journey after the war to honor those he lost through artwork and poetry.

Martin's book gives us a glimpse at the lives of those who can no longer speak. He preserves the heritage of prewar Jewish culture in Eastern Europe and keeps the memories of 86 family members who perished in the Holocast alive..

You can buy Martin Small's book at and

A Civilian In Green Clothes

A Civilian In Green Clothes - By Jerome Doherty

The early years of the Vietnam War are recounted in the highly personal account of Jerome Doherty, who led a company of fresh draftees as the war escalated and took a terrible toll on the unit. Doherty captures the war at the personal level of how it affected his men and the civilian population in the countryside around Da Nang.

A Civilian In Green Clothes, published by Pentland Press, is available at Borders Books in the Denver area and at

Third Down And A War To Go

Third Down And A War To Go - By Terry Frei

The story of the 1942 Wisconsin Badgers football team and their journey from the football field to the fields of battle in World War II. Denver Post sports columnist Terry Frei writes of his father Jerry Frei, a P-38 pilot in the Pacific who later became the head coach at the University Of Oregon and an assistant with the Denver Broncos among his many coaching jobs.

Along the way, Frei learned more about the war his father rarely discussed and about teammates who didn't return home. Extensive interviews with surviving team members and combat veterans provide details on The Great Escape and The Battle Of Okinawa among many other stories.

Go to for information on how to buy Third Down And A War To Go.

Isaiah's Eagles Rising

Isaiah's Eagles Rising: A Generation Of Airmen

Barney Nolan's account of the men and missions of the Eighth Air Force from the costly early raids of 1943 until the end of the war when they dominated the skies over Germany.

Nolan provides detailed accounts of the dangers these fliers faced and the bravery of the men who flew. He also details how the devastating early daylight missions helped commanders like General Curtis LeMay develop the tactics that would help protect the bomber formations until long range fighter escorts were available to provide protection to the bombers.

To order Isaiah's Eagles Rising, click here.

Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk
The Extraordinary Life of Jimmy Doolittle -
Aviation Pioneer and World War II Hero

Written by Jimmy Doolittle's granddaughter Jonna Doolittle Hoppes, Calculated Risk covers the famous Tokyo raid in 1942 and delves deeper into the life of the extraordinary aviator.

From his years as a barnstormer and air racer, a brilliant and innovative aeronautical engineer, World War II hero and his later life, this book focuses on personal reflections from Doolittle's family, especially those of his devoted wife Josephine who worked tirelessly throught the war to sell war bonds and care for soldiers sent back home from the fighting. It includes rare photographs from the family collection never before published.

Calculated Risk is available from the Santa Monica Press and is available localy at the Tattered Cover and from major national and online booksellers.

Doctors From Hell

Doctors From Hell - By Viven Spitz

Vivien Spitz's new book "DOCTORS FROM HELL The Horrific Account of Nazi Experiments on Humans", details atrocities committed against concentration camp prisoners and Prisoners Of War in the name of dubious "scientific research". Vivien was a court reporter during the Nuremberg Trials and is a frequent presenter during the Stories From Wartime Series.

Buy "Doctors From Hell" from Sentient Publications. You can also order by calling toll free: 1-866-588-984...or by visiting your nearest Barnes and Noble location.

No Way Out

No Way Out

The Center is proud to work with Holocaust educator Susan Shear who documents the tragedy of the Holocaust through her own family's personal letters.

No Way Out follows the story of a prominent and prosperous family of German Jews and their efforts to save themselves from increasing Nazi oppression. It details years of efforts to escape Germany when few countries would accept Jewish refugees and the increasing danger to those who stayed behind.

No Way Out has been produced as a Reader's Theatre Play for schools and civic organizations including the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Susan Shear also produces curriculum guides for teachers and students to increase awareness of the Holocaust through education.

Seldom will you find such a detailed personal account of the Holocaust unfolding as it happens as you will with No Way Out.


POWs of Japanese, Rescued! by Hal Leith

Golden resident Hal Leith has written a book about one of the lesser known aspects of World War II. Fluent in several languages including Russian and Chinese, Leith put his language skills to good use in August 1945 when he parachuted into Manchuria to locate and save Allied POWs held by the Japanese. There was one small problem...the Japanese didn't know their Emperor had surrendered!

Leith details the condition of these POWs and the often frustrating encounters he had with an advancing Soviet Army that was not eager to deal with hungry and sick Allied POWs as they asserted their control over Manchuria.

Leith wrote this book at the behest of the former Prisoners of War he and his party rescued from brutal Japanese captivity, paying particular attention to General Jonathan Wainwright, the American General who surrendered at Corregidor.

You can buy a copy of Rescued: POWs of Japanese personally autographed by Hal Leith himself. Send a check for $25.00 to:

Hal Leith
2050 Mount Zion Drive
Golden, CO 80401